Biking in the Andes

1 Day

With its geografic location and its landscapes, Cusco is perfect to bike through places of interest. Visiting the country in the open air gives us the liberty to appreciate each place even more.


Biking in the Andes

$. 299

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Early in the morning, we will take our vehicule for a 30-minute drive to Chincheros (Cruzpata). There, we will receive our bikes and the instructions from our guide for the day. We will do a little training to adapt and get accustomed to the ground.
We will begin a maravellous experience through the country, ancestral trails and villages, meeting people and appreciating the surrounding landscape. We will then arrive at Moray, a unique site in the region, where we will see huge natural depressions or circular holes magnificently worked by the Inca. The archaeological site has been used as a big laboratory and winter pasture prototype or, an experimental biological research station, to study seeds before using them in the farm lands on the Inca territory, a very advanced technology for that period.
After enjoying lunch (Lunch box), we will continue to Maras, and the much-touted salt mines dating from the Inca period. On the way, we will appreciate the river from the source and where the waters are divided into more than 300 ponds that produce salt as as a result of evaporation. The salt mines, in all their magnitude, are similar to a surreal and beautiful landscape due to the whiteness of the ponds that contrast with the natural of the surroundings.
We will continue our adventure through a canyon as far as Pichingoto, a small village on the banks of the big Urubamba river, where we will take our vehicule to go back to Cusco.