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Machupicchu is considered as the most stunning urban creation of the Inka Culture. Embedded in the peak of a mountain, among the subtropical vegetation and the impressive landscape of the valley, this is a very special and enigmatic place. Take deep breaths of pure and fresh air while admiring the lush scenery, right on the same place the very Inkas once lived.



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Very early in the morning, we will head for the station, to take a train that will take us to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A amazing trip through the sacred valley, along the most captivating and colorful landscapes you will ever see. During the journey, we will appreciate beautiful contrasts of ecological zones, and in particular the flora, which is very varied and colored. We will pass through fields, several Andean villages, situated in vast plains and valleys. We will arrive to Aguas Calientes station where our staff will assist us on boarding the bus to go up the winding road to the citadel, amid a spectacular view of the Urubamba River and its canyon. We will finally arrive to Machupicchu ,the Inka Citadel, let’s experience a walk among the splendid remains, the squares, the temples, the mausoleums, the rooms used to store food, the stone canals, the fountains, the steps, and the sidewalks, that are harmoniously spread over the mountain.The Inkas had a very close bond with nature, and you’ll get to understand the value of this extremely magnetic experience, energy is all around us. Un unforgettable moment that will stay in our retina for a long time. After a guided visit, we will have time to explore the citadel and have lunch at one of the local restaurants. In the afternoon train back to Cusco, transfer to your hotel.