Maras, Moray and Chincheros

About 4 Hours

In the west of Cusco, between mountains and vast farm lands, on the road to the Sacred Valley, we will find one of the most exquisite places, for its tremendous historical, cultural and ethnological background. An enigmatic place due to the presence of sites such as Maras and Moray, that are still a mystery.


Maras, Moray and Chincheros

$. 299

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Fourty minutes after having left Cusco, we will arrive at MARAS, a calm village, embedded in the edge of a vast valley, with a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. This place is characterized by its much-touted stone doors, with heraldic coats of arms of the old families that used to live in the large houses of the village. Very near, in the depths of a valley, following an old road, there are the much-touted salt mines, a place which is impressive due to the whiteness of more than 3,000 ponds built in a slope, from which the sal is extracted, using processes and techniques that are more than 500 years old. We will continue through the valley via an old path, through farm lands of various tones of green that, at prehistoric times, were a vast plateau in the Andes area. From there, we will be able to appreciate the Urubamba mountain range, with its chain of snow-capped mountains and glaciers that confer it an impressive and beautiful setting. We will then arrive at MORAY, an archaeological site unique in the region. We will have the opportunity to see enormous natural depressions and circular openings beautifully made by the Incas. The archaeological site has been used as a big laboratory and winter pasture prototype or an experimental biological research station, to study seeds before using them in the farm lands on the Inca territory, a very advanced technology for that period. On our trip back, we will visit the Inca village of Chincheros, a traditional place with excellent textile artisans, many of whom use ancient techniques in the creation of finely made products; the colors and design define the personality of this village. Tip back to the hotel.